SOLID.LAW SPYROS TZOUANOPOULOS & PARTNERS LAW OFFICE was founded in 2012 and it has been providing specialised legal services to individuals, legal entities and NGOs ever since.

Representing individuals before the criminal Justice is the cornerstone mission of the office and highlights its solid humanistic approach. Defending individual and social rights of clients against any maltreatment of the state or of an employer and fighting any kind of discrimination is another legal field that the office has acknowledged experience on providing efficient judicial representation. Covering the needs of small-medium size business firms and the provision of legal consulting on real estate-urban planning related cases is also another specialization of Spyros Tzouanopoulos’s law office.

Should it be a basic legal problem of the daily life or a highly complex matter that requires an interdisciplinary approach and sophisticated strategy, our office has represented clients with all sorts of legal needs and demands. Our service is a continuous struggle for the rights and interests of the client, while also providing a clear image of the situation in each and every phase, setting realistic and careful consultation in a comprehensive manner, because we pursue active engagement of the client in each stage.

The following list of services does not follow a strict scientific categorization of the fields of the Legal Order and it is only indicative, since rarely a complete legal service is classified in a single of the below mentioned categories:

Criminal Law

Human Rights

Tort Law

Labor Law

Commercial Law

Personal Data Law

Real Estate-Urban Planning Law